What Men Can Do

The majority of men are concerned about domestic and dating violence in their communities and want to help. According to Futures Without Violence, 57% of men believe that they personally can make a difference in preventing domestic violence and sexual assault; 73% of men think they can make a difference in promoting healthy, respectful, non-violent relationships among young people; and 65% of men would contact elected officials to urge them to strengthen laws against domestic violence

Most men want to help they just don't know how. Below are ways men can get involved, promote healthy relationships, and prevent domestic and dating violence in our communities.


take the pledge 

Sign the NJ Men of Strength Pledge and commit to learning more about domestic and dating violence, ways you can promote healthy relationships, how to speak up against abusive behaviors, and ways to support and work with domestic violence programs in your community. 


Support Programs 

Supporting programs ensures an availability of full service domestic violence prevention programs in every county in NJ, that include community education, professional training, and collaborations that promote healthy relationships and domestic and dating violence prevention. 


Attend an event 

Attending a local event is a great way to learn about domestic and dating violence, to learn about the services available in your community, and the ways you can help promote healthy relationships. Attend one of the many events taking place in NJ this October.