Ways to Engage Men

Most men are not violent and abusive, and in fact, the majority of men in society are concerned about domestic and dating violence in their communities and want to help. According to Futures Without Violence57% of men believe that they personally can make a difference in preventing domestic violence and sexual assault; 73% of men think they can make a difference in promoting healthy, respectful, non-violent relationships among young people; and 65% of men would contact elected officials to urge them to strengthen laws against domestic violence

Most men want to help they just don't know how. Below are ways you can engage men in your work to end domestic and dating violence. 


engage male allies

Whether a coach, educator, minister, brother, father or friend- men are positioned to help educate and engage other men and boys about healthy relationships and domestic and dating violence prevention. Learn more and get ideas for engaging male allies and leaders in your community. 


educate men & boys

Outreach and education is critical to engaging men and boys. Healthy relationship and primary prevention education can be applied to almost any setting whether it be the classroom, the locker room, or one-on-one. Learn how you can create educational opportunities that reach men and boys. 


provide safe spaces 

Men and boys are often criticized for seeking help or for challenging the behavior of other men and boys. We must work together to shift the culture of masculinity to create safe spaces in programs, schools, workplaces, families and communities where men and boys can talk about their personal experiences and concerns related to domestic and dating violence.